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Onyx Bridge? It may not sound like a financial institution. We hope not. Because we’re not like any other financial planners out there.

The name of our firm emerged as our team drilled down to the essence of who we are and what we want to provide for our clients. We are, at our core, builders of authentic relationships. We are connectors. We connect to our clients on a personal level, and then we connect our clients to their financial goals. We unearth what truly matters to our clients and offer real, deeply intentional financial planning advice on how to get there.

The team at Onyx Bridge is a family, and our clients are part of that family as well. We do what we do because we genuinely love helping people. It’s why we wake up and go to work each day. Our greatest success lies in helping you achieve yours.

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A powerful gemstone with protective properties, representative of a strong, determined companion on a journey.




A structure that is built to connect one side to another, or that makes it easier to transition from one situation to another.

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Our mission

Our mission is quite simple. To be the absolute best at what we do, so that you can be the absolute best at what you do. Focusing on the true well-being of our clients to ensure you can live a happy and successful life, in whatever manner you define that to be. We are honest. We are forthright. We protect your financial interests and bridge them to your core goals. That is our mission and our promise. Our greatest success lies in helping you achieve yours.

At our core is a commitment to building a deeply authentic connection with each client. More than anything else, we want every client to feel supported, understood and secure.